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For families wanting to enroll in a full-time virtual education program, the process has never been easier. Here are the steps you will go through in the enrollment process:

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Make sure you have the documents you need to enroll in a virtual education (MOCAP) program before you contact your school:

You will need:

  • Guardian ID

  • Child’s birth certificate

  • Report card

  • Transcripts

Other required forms may include:

  • Enrollment Verification Form

  • Family Income Form (some vendors supply materials and technology to families who qualify for free and reduced lunch)

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Make sure you are enrolled in a local public charter or district school.

The MOCAP program still requires participants to be enrolled in a Missouri public charter or district school before enrolling in a virtual education program. Before a family can start the process, they must make sure they are enrolled in public school, especially if they have been homeschooled or attended a private school previously.


Choose one of the 8 full-time virtual education providers.

Under the new law, families can choose from eight different virtual education providers, based on their child's specific needs. Each of these providers have partnered with a Missouri school district or higher learning institution to provide their services to families in Missouri. These partners are called host districts.

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Notify the provider AND your local district of your decision to switch to a full-time virtual program

After you have chosen the best provider for your child's needs, you need to notify your local district and the provider of your decision. This will start a process that will move your child from being enrolled in the local district to being enrolled in the host district that has partnered with the provider. Your local district should not be able to contest your decision unless the provider does not offer the courses needed for your child to graduate.


Un-enroll from your local district and enroll with the provider through a host district

Your local district and/or virtual education provider will tell you how to unenroll from your local district and transfer your enrollment to the host district under the MOCAP program.

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Develop an ESP

The host district and your local district are required to develop an Educational Services Plan (ESP) for your student that will define how and if your child is able to use any of your local district's resources while enrolled in the virtual education program.

Understand the process: Features
Understand the process: Features
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